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A fast-casual “Texian” street sushi restaurant with ever-increasing demand and visibility, moving the traditional sushi bar into wholesome & flavorful Roll, Bowl or Box formats.

Online and mobile presence with takeout and delivery, made to order in under 10 minutes,

We are a fast-casual sushi restaurant making major strides in the small to mid-range market with a small footprint. Online and mobile presence with takeout and delivery, made to order in under 10 minutes, 50% shorter than the national average, with new unique flavors and options, from keto to southern comfort. Our ever-increasing demand and traction have brought us to a need for utilizing the most efficient and modern online ordering and rewards services, getting customers and fans the best service in the sushi market.

"A million dollar app" experience

Managing a restaurant is hard, especially at the first few years when you try to find the right product and operations.

Appfront's mission was always, from day one, to give the power of technology and capabilities for small to medium size restaurant brands. "We wanted to give restaurants same capibilities as the big guys, like Dominos pizza, Starbucks, Chick fill A, etc".

"Appfronts support and development team has been more than helpful in giving our app the feel and flow that you'd only expect from a million dollar app.

Can't believe we hadn't found them sooner", saying William D'Angelo, MAAK (formerly Sushi Guy) CEO and founder.

An All-In-One, end-to end Digital Platform.

"The Appfront team has made my restaurants online delivery orders a breeze with their integration with Doordash. Swiftly we can get orders to our customers doors effectively without interrupting our teams, leaving them to focus more on making the quality food rather than delivering it.", continue William.

Appfront partner with our customer to succes.

"The service from Appfront has given Sushi Guy a rocket like push into modern online ordering and loyalty.

Their app design and customer experience has been of top-notch quality from the start and never wavered


"Our restaurants will continue moving forward with their excellent service and team. "

-William D'Angelo, CEO

MAAK (formerly Sushi Guy)

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