5 Things Every Restaurant Owner Must Consider Before Choosing an Online Ordering Solution

Before Choosing an Online Ordering Solution

June 2, 2021

Being a restaurant owner, you want your business to grow and thrive. Whether you are opening your first restaurant or already own a number of locations, you must consider, if you haven’t already, a way for your customers to order online and most importantly be delighted by doing so.

1. Easy & Seamless to Manage

As you are super busy with the daily running of a successful restaurant. From hiring the right employees, to making the right dishes at just the right time; You have a lot on your plate, so to speak. No need for another headache by managing a separate online ordering system. Your online ordering system should be synced automatically with your POS, both for pushing orders, but more importantly, to reflect your menu data, automatically without any manual management, or managing two different databases.
You really need one system that will sync your online ordering website and your native mobile apps with your POS data, whether it be new menu items or pricing.

2. Built-in Marketing 

You can’t be in the blind anymore when it comes to understanding your customers. If you won’t, your competitors will. You need an ordering platform that allows you to capture customer data and better understand, segment, and communicate with your customers in a personalized way. Being able to send a message to a specific customer segmentation, for example, “everyone who ordered vegan food in the past month”, is the way to delight your customers and turn your data into more revenue.

3. Delightful, Slick & BLAZING FAST

Consumers today are lazy, they are used to 3 min videos on social media and don’t have time to spend on the ordering flow. They want their food, and they want it NOW. They are used to user interfaces and user experiences from fortune 500 companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon. Your restaurant's digital platform must be in the forefront of technology to provide a slick, delightful and most importantly responsive and blazing fast experience!. You want to make sure they keep coming for more, and a seamless and frictionless digital experience will ensure they do.

4. Fully integrated, End-to-End Platform

In a complicated business such as food and hospitality, there are no shortcuts. Every part you leave out will create exponential problems in the future. That is why you need the platform you choose to be able to handle every aspect of your consumer-facing interaction. Whether it be when they are using your online website from home, mobile app on the go, pick up from the store or even pay at the table, you need to provide them with the same experience and streamlined design and experience. Your loyalty and marketing need to be connected and data needs to be shared and utilized between all aspects of your business.

5. Rapidly Evolving

As restaurants become more technology oriented, your solution provider must be constantly evolving to keep up with the pace of changes and even go ahead of the pack when it comes to innovative ways to transform your business from analog to digital. We all felt it in 2020 when fast changes were needed to find solutions to the restrictions due to the pandemic, Appfront quickly released virtual drive-thru and curbside ordering, zero-touch deliveries and more. Your digital platform needs to be one step ahead of both in vision and technology.

All of the above are an integral part of the Appfront ecosystem. We invite you to explore more on our website, knowledge base, or even contact us if you have any questions or feel it is the right time for you to switch to the next level digital platform for your restaurant.

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