Appfront Wallet

Transforming the Way Restaurants Accept Transactions

An interface that is easy to use and provides a hassle-free payment experience.

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Robust functionalities designed to streamline  payment operations.

Efficient Payment Processing

Our advanced payment processing system provides a seamless and secure transaction experience for both restaurants and customers by enabling access to a wide range of processing partners.

User-friendly Payment Experience

Achieve a seamless payment experience with modern payment solutions that are easy to use and understand.

Smooth and hassle-free Payments

With state-of-the-art technology, restaurants can easily accept various payment options, including credit cards and mobile payments, ensuring a hassle-free and convenient customer experience.

Mobile/In-App Payment Options

Let Them Pay
and Go

Allow guests to pay using the QR codes all within your restaurant's mobile app.

Data-driven Purchasing Methods

We're ushering in an era of dining where convenience takes center stage. Provide customers with a simpler checkout process that feels natural, boosts customer satisfaction, and restaurant revenue.

Better Customer Analytics

Leverage customer data to  and personalize marketing campaigns, tailor messaging, offer recommendations, promotions, and create a checkout experience based on their preferences and order history.

No Wallet, No Problem

Encourage customers to use their smartphone to make payments through unique in-app QR codes, so they always have a payment option available.

Contactless Interactions

Contactless interactions combined with QR code payments prioritize any potential health & safety concerns and provide customers with peace of mind.

Compatibility with Apple Pay & Google Pay

The Cherry on Top of a 5-star Dining Experience

Accept contactless payment right from customers' mobile phones.

Embrace the Future of Payments

Provide customers with the flexibility to pay securely using Apple Pay and Google Pay and accept all kind of contactless payments

Stay Ahead in the Digital Payment Landscape

Simplify your payment infrastructure with Appfront Wallet—no additional hardware needed.

The Dine-in Package

Elevating Dine-in

Customize payment and ordering processes to meet the specific needs of your restaurant.


Pushes server operations, which include splitting tabs, providing special offers and rewards, handling gift cards, and offering personalized up-sells, directly to the customers' mobile devices. Guests can view updates to their tab in real-time, split and share the bill with fellow diners, and pay as soon as they're ready.


This service aims to revolutionize the full-service dining experience by making your kitchen the only bottleneck when it comes to your service. Customers can easily view the menu, select their desired items, link gift cards or rewards, and place orders directly from their table without the need for a server.

Transform Guests into Loyalty Members

Keep track of every customer payment. Each transaction made will enable customers to opt-in with their name, email, and phone number. They'll get loyalty perks, and you'll be able to follow up with emails, text messages, and push notifications.

Make Payments Fun

The dine-in experience has always been about creating a fun and sociable environment that customers can enjoy while eating great food. With Appfront, the payment portion of the equation is made fun, seamless, and social as well.

Preloaded Payment & Gift Cards

Drive Sales and
Foster Customer Loyalty

Win the Mobile Wallet War and discover the advantages of prepaid transactions and gift cards for your business and customers.

Offer a Payment Experience like that of Major Dining Chains

Enable customers to preload funds for swift and convenient transactions and experience the ease of managing prepaid accounts for your customers

Attract New Customers and Retain Existing Ones

Enhance brand visibility and leverage the seamless integration of gift cards within the Appfront Wallet ecosystem.

Subscription Services

Turn your Restaurant into a Subscription-Based Business

Unlock the potential of recurring revenue, boost customers' perception of value, and provide a digital connection by adopting a subscription service.

Create Sustainable Income Streams

Encourage customer signs up for a subscription to increase their lifetime value. Their spending will rise quickly over time, and your business will gradually increase profits and experience significant benefits in the long run.

Elevate the Customer Experience

By providing exclusive benefits and personalized services, businesses can create a strong sense of loyalty and value among their subscribers, which can translate into increased revenue and growth over time.

A Wide Array of Customization

Customize your subscription plans to align with your business model, providing the flexibility and tailored experiences that customers crave. Choose between monthly and annual subscription options. Run monthly subscriptions concurrently with annual ones, or launch monthly specials based on what works for your restaurant.

Membership Clubs, Mug Clubs & VIP Clubs

A variety of subscription services will cater to different preferences. This includes refillable and cost-effective beverage options, as well as VIP subscriptions that offer personalized services and other perks. Plus, tiered subscription services offer different levels of membership, allowing customers to choose the one that best suits their needs.

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