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Customizable and Synced Menu

Update the menu as always from your POS, Appfront Online Ordering will reflect the changes automatically. Use the spare time to create in-menu deals and customize menu categories for quick navigation.

Fast Casual to Full Service

Display the serving options of your choice from a list of predefined ones like delayed pick-up or future delivery, dine-in, table ordering and catering or enjoy the freedom of defining your custom ones.

Loyalty Oriented

Make your regulars feel like regulars even when scaling the business. With loyalty integrated in the ordering process you create visits punch card, send rewards and allow your customers to gain points.

Sleek & Fine

Let your customers explore the vibrant colors of the food and brand vibe by suiting the design theme and fonts and uploading beautiful images of all dishes and drinks plus restaurant locations.

Online Ordering Menu

The Menu. Connected. Customized.

We know that maintaining menus externally to your POS is a huge hassle. Therefore, Appfront Menu Sync tracks any changes that have been made in the POS and updates the online ordering menus accordingly. This prevents failures in orders, incorrect printing, and incorrect pricing.
Use Appfront back-office to customize the menu categories and build delightful deals and up-sales.

Menu Sync

Equipped with intelligent logics, Appfront Menu Sync is crafted to match restaurant-specific dishes to create a great online experience. It will create menu items for pizzas with toppings for whole or half and even multipliers (e.g. double and triple toppings), BYO sushi, CYO salad or juice and more by identifying the structure of your POS items and it will seamlessly update prices, item name, description, images, and modifiers.

Menu Categories & Allergens Customization

For each menu category, you can easily add a description, time frames, and specific taxation and availability across the restaurant locations. Moreover, those categories will help customers to skim through the items efficiently.
Display allergens to icons legend and decorate each items with its respectable allergen icons.

Deals & Combos

Spice your menu with awesome deals and combos to help your diners taste all of the different varieties of food and drinks your restaurant serves with an appealing discount.

The Fastest Menu

Your customers will love how fast the menu is loaded with all the images and item descriptions.
They can quickly navigate through the menu with the top category bar or scroll over each and every one of the dishes and drinks.
Have a huge menu? we have yet to find a menu that can break us.

Locations & Serving Options

Anywhere & Any Way
You Serve it

It doesn’t matter if you have a single location or 200+ locations, we got you covered. Using customers’ provided geo-location, we find the closest locations for pick-up or on delivery orders, the locations in the optimal delivery-area. Easily define any serving option and integrate with 3rd party delivery services.

Delivery Areas

Easily define different pricing and time frames for multiple delivery zones covered by a polygon or a radius around the restaurant.


Give your kitchen a day (or more) in advance notice before a big catering order and even create a specific menu for catering.

Future Pickup & Delivery

Let your customers select the day and time that the order will take place. You can always limit future orders to the next day, future month, etc.

Customizable Serving Options

Choose from a list of predefined serving options or enjoy the freedom of defining your custom ones with specific menus, availability time intervals, and more.

Delivery Tip & Serving Fee

Naturally, allow customers to gratitude your service and delivery with various delivery tip and serving fee options.

Prepration Time

Mitigate rush hours by adding kitchen preparation time for ASAP orders.

Address Autocomplete

Autocomplete addresses for delivery or catering delivery to give your applications the type-ahead-search behavior and prevent address spelling mistakes.

Locations Map View

Let both you and customers view restaurant locations on a map and even drill down with Google Street View imagery, and 360° views integrated.

3rd Party Delivery Services

Effortlessly integrate with your In-House delivery software or any 3rd party delivery service like Postmates and DoorDash.

Time Frames

Define different opening and closing times over the day for each weekday, for any serving options and any location.

Per Location or Serving Option Menus

Set some of the ingredients as unavailable in a specific location or even provide a whole different menu for a serving option or a restaurant location.

Table Ordering

Efficient and less error-prone table ordering lets your service crew focus on making and carrying the food and drinks in time instead of taking orders.

Payment Options

Payments made easy

Both for you and your customers Appfront Payment makes payment trivial.
A simple per location payment provider configuration and a no-configuration option if you wish to push orders directly to your POS.

24x7 Payment Support

All of our online restaurants receive free 24×7 email and chat support for payment issues. We are doing our best to provide the best service for you and your customers, therefore over the past few years, we have invested in every aspect of how we serve our users —from building infrastructure and tooling to hiring experts in payment and order processing across all timezones.

Any Payment Provider

Integrate seamlessly and securely with any payment provider. Consider any aspect, whether it is fraud analysis, the cost of each purchase process or SLA and choose for each restaurant location the provider that suits them best.

Direct to POS Payments

Eliminate the hassle of setting up a third-party payment provider or merchant account and having to enter the multiple payment providers' credentials into Appfront with Direct to POS Payment. You're automatically set up to accept all major payment methods already configured for your POS.

Securely Save Payment Methods

Registered customers can securely use the same payment methods they used in previous orders. Saved payment methods can be kept for each payment provider you choose and also for Direct to POS Payments.

Look & Feel

Design your Restaurant Online Experience

From colors to images to text and numbers, display your restaurant brand in the best way in no time. No need to code nor reinvent the wheel with designing your online ordering website from scratch. Need help with that? we are ready to help, always.

Buttons, Fonts & Colors

Customize online ordering buttons, links, headers, headlines, craft the look of your deals and rewards, menu items layout, borders and more to recreate your restaurant atmosphere in its online form.

Custom Text & Custom Icons

Do you say howdy or hello? pickup or takeaway? feel free to change any given text to the way you think is cool.
You can even change the delivery motorcycle icon to a delivery track if this is the way you serve it. everything is in your hands, form it.

Images & Logo

Beside Images for every drink and dish, your online ordering can be decorated with location images, home page images, etc, to get customers into your restaurant vibe from home or on the go.

Custom Buttons and 3rd Party Embedded Views

Wish to embed a 3rd party events calendar or table ordering service? In most cases, we already support embedding them, so just enter the credentials and you'll see them online. Found a service that fits your needs and is not supported? Tell us all about it and we will probably integrate it ASAP so everyone will enjoy it.

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