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Increase your visibility on
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Let your customers find you and order directly from Google Search, Maps, and Google Assistant

Sync Your menu with Google

With Appfront Live Menu feed, your menu will be synced in real time with Google

Bypass 3rd party marketplaces

Route your traffic straight to your bank account and save the high commission rates to get paid directly.

No Commission

No subscription fees
No hidden fees
Only transaction fees

Google Ordering

Order from search results

It is a bid of who will be the most clicked platform. With a simple click, your customers decide if to give you 100% of the revenues, or only 70%. Ordering from a 3rd party site immediately increases your costs. With Google Online ordering, you can direct your customers to order directly from you, with no added fees or revenue sharing.

Menu Sync

Appfront Menu Sync is crafted to match restaurant-specific dishes to create a great online experience. Your menu will be pulled from your Point of Sale, reassembled to fit the best layout and automatically pushed to Google. Identifying the structure of your POS items and consistently updating changes: prices, item details, description, images, and modifiers.

Ordering from Search, Maps or even Google Assistant

Anywhere your Google business card appears, is an opportunity to connect to your menu and online ordering. Google make it easy to order directly from anywhere your customers are browsing. If they are checking the map, or searching, they can have a direct link to your menu and use their saved Google payment information to order seamlessly with zero friction.

Deals & Combos

Spice your menu with awesome deals and combos to help your diners taste all of the different varieties of food and drinks your restaurant serves with an appealing discount. The Deals will work perfectly within Google online ordering as well.

Easy Payments

Connecting directly to your bank account, your customers can use their already saved Google payment details to check out and confirm their order without the need to re-enter their credit card number and details.

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