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Turn your Guests into Loyalty Members

Many customers visit your restaurant every day. They order ahead, pick up, dining in, or ordering delivery. Some of them are regular, you even know them by their name but most of them are anonymous. Our mission is to tally every customer payment.
With any option chosen from the dining package (Scan & Pay, Order@Table and Pay@Table), each transaction made in your restaurant will let your customer opt-in with their name, email, and phone number so they can enjoy any loyalty perk notified by your follow-up emails, text messages, and push.

Make Payments Fun

Your restaurants are intended to be a fun and social place to hang out while eating great food, we thrive to makes also the payment piece of this experience - fun, seamless, and social.

Server-less Environment

In a post-covid era, while restaurants are going back to business, and restaurants need to handle new reality with lack of employees, technology is taking place helping to bridge the gap. Appfront’s Dine In package, is a full end-to-end that fit to every type of restaurant, with different type of. set up and ordering flows

Pay at the Table with Friends


The best customer-facing experience for full-service restaurants. Pay@Table pushes the server operations like splitting tabs, special offerings, rewards, dealing with gift cards, and suggesting personalized up-sales, directly to the customer's mobile device.
Guests can view their tab updates in real-time, share the bill with their friends and pay when they are ready to go.

Full Service & Fine Dining Solution

Choosing Pay@Table lets you keep the human touch while providing your customers a swift payment when they finished their meal without waiting for their server.

Live Split Tab Payments

It doesn't matter if they're a couple, trio, or a whole group of friends, your customers can link their device to the check, get live updates, and split the check among them. Each one of them can redeem rewards, use points and gift cards, and pay for their own check.
Live split tabs making the payment part of dining, fun, and social experience as well.

Share with Friends

Dining in a restaurant has always been about the atmosphere and social experience. When one of your regulars decided to share the delight of your dine-in experience with a friend or two, they can send a link to the check and invite their friend to your loyalty program, and too, enjoy your gifts and all the other perks from their first visit.

Pay and Go

Let your customer enter their payment details once and forget about credit cards or calling the server for the check ever again. The check is delivered to their device the moment they start ordering, and updates on any change made on their tab.

Quick Service Mobile Payment

Scan & Pay

Our solution for quick service and fast-casual restaurants. The Scan & Pay option, allows any size restaurant to have the "Starbucks experience". With your native mobile app, Apple iOS or Android, customers can open their app, scan at the register for quick payment and rewards redemption. The QR scanner will link their payment and rewards immediately to their account.

Cash-back, Points, Gift Card, all included

Tied with Appfront’s robust rewards program, Scan & Pay makes the rewards flow simple and easy. It doesn’t matter if it’s a tier-based points program, birthday, long time no visit, or anniversary reward, with just a single tap, directly from their mobile app, customers can tap and boom! - redeem and pay at the same time.

Single Tap Payment

Even without a fingerprint or a face ID, just scan their app QR code and they can pay and go in a single tap.
Your customers enter credit card information once and never again. Credit cards are kept securely and verified.

Mobile Dine-In Ordering


Disrupting the full-service dining experience, leaving the kitchen to be the single bottleneck of your service.
Customers can view their menu, choose their menu items, link their gift cards or rewards, and place orders, directly from their table. No server is required to take their order or even ask for payments!

Server-less Solution

No need to wait for the server anymore to take an order. Customers are free to order whatever they want and whenever they are ready!
They pick their favorites items, link a credit card or a gift card, and boom! fire the order directly to the kitchen. The food in its way to the table and this order is rewarded with points.

Deeplinked to the Table

You can let your customer enter their table number by themself or immediately start ordering for a specific table if you choose to predefine deep links to the tables on your back office.

Personalized Communication Channel

Auto-suggestions, promotions, and upsells will be generated automatically, our system will never forget. Plus, any opted-in customer will get special and personalized promotions based on their purchase behaviors and reward status.

Live Updates, Out of Stock and
Different Menus

Either if it's the online menu or a special menu for dine-in, you can choose to direct them to any menu you wish. Customers will see the menu data in real-time - any changes, updates, out of stock (86), etc, without the need to inform any server.

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