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Loyalty All-in-One Suite. Sweet.

Personal Event Based Rewards

Today was her 3rd visit, tomorrow is his birthday, with Appfront Lifecycle Campaigns you won't miss an opportunity to show how much you care - by offering personalized rewards for special milestones.

Personal Loyalty Dashboard

Your customers can always access their in-app loyalty dashboard and check for coupons, redeem points, etc. Plus, they'll be surprised with coupon offers at checkout to sweeten the deal.

From Cashback to Full Blown Points Bank Rewards

Discover the right loyalty journey for your restaurant. Choose to offer a simple cash back for money spent, count visits via the punch card method, or go for a point system that encourages customers to redeem coupons with the points they have earned.

Email, SMS & Push - Notification Campaigns

Reach any customer using their preferred channel. Choose how to personalize notifications about rewards, add images and descriptions, and then track conversions to verify that your rewards are actually rewarding.

Loyalty Program Setup

Simple Choices
and a Myriad of

Setting up a loyalty program can get messy and complicated. We make it simple by designating a main path first, such as a points bank or cash back that will run for long periods of time. Then, whenever you're ready, create dynamic loyalty modules like signup gifts or money spent based coupons, by combining a reward and a manual or auto-trigger.

Choosing Points Bank or Cash Back

Retargeting marketing campaigns can end up being bad for business by making it a non-zero sum game that invests largely in returning customers.
Cash back programs let you define the return amount tiers that work best for you (e.g. $5 back for the first $100 spent and 10$ after reaching $200). A points bank system takes it to the next level and allows customers to collect points for every purchase and then redeem whatever coupons they wish to use.

Campaign Triggers

Triggers are the answer to when and why customers receive a reward. Define an auto-trigger based on a registration event, birthday, amount spent, the number of orders placed and more. You can also set up revive campaigns to win back customers who have not visited for a while. Choose a manual-trigger to compensate a customer, launch a holiday campaign or establish any other marketing event of your choosing.

Coupons, Rewards, Gifts, you Name it.

Decide how to reward loyal customers, greet new ones and handle unsatisfied ones if something went wrong - with plenty of rewards options:

  • BOGO
  • Combo Discounts
  • Whole Menu Discounts
  • Whole Menu Discounts with an item bought condition
  • Whole Menu Discounts with an item order amount condition
  • Specific Item Discounts
  • Free Delivery with or without a condition
  • And so much more!

All discounts can be a percentage or a fixed amount.

POS Loyalty Integration

Regardless of how the order has been placed e.g. from the app, ordering website or directly from the restaurant, Appfront's Loyalty POS integration takes every purchase into account and assures that customers can reap the full benefits of the rewards system.

Launching Campaigns

Unexpected Moments are Always Sweeter.

Surprise and delight customers by combining campaign-triggers and rewards. A campaign-trigger determines when to publish a campaign (whether it's manual, scheduled or automatic)  by collecting events like buying a signature pizza for the 4th time or completing the first delivery order. Just set up the reward, select a condition, and you're good to go!

Points Bank Coupons

Encourage customers to  trade points for gifts and discounts. They'll get the gift they actually want or become motivated to earn points as they discover how many are needed for redemption.

Conditional Rewards

Spice things up by combining one, two, three or even four items into one sweet reward. Appfront's Campaign Manager automatically generates a Reward Redeem Flow according to the specified free and conditional items. For example, offer a free drink and desert with the purchase of two pizzas with two toppings each.

Redeem Before and While Ordering

You've built a fabulous rewards campaign and you don't want loyalty members to miss out. Although they can easily access promotions within the app, they don't have to. When adding items to their order, a list of matching conditional rewards will be instantly displayed during check out, clearly indicating gifts and discounts available.

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