Appfront Partners with DoorDash to Launch End-to-End Ordering and Delivery Service for Restaurants

November 13, 2019

Tired of looking for new drivers all the time? What about managing them and paying insurance? We think we have the right solution for your business. As more and more people choose to eat in the comfort of their own homes, restaurant owners are realizing that delivery service is a must.

As more and more people choose to eat in the comfort of their own homes, restaurant owners are realizing that delivery service is a must.

Tell us if this sounds familiar. You return home to your family after a long day at work. Everyone is hungry, but no one feels like cooking. Do you visit a restaurant, or order delivery? According to Growing Market Trends: Online Food Delivery Statistics 2018, you’ll probably choose delivery: 86% of consumers will use delivery services at least once a month, and by the year 2020 restaurants without an online delivery option will lose 70% of their customers. Whether restaurant owners are ready for it or not, consumer demand for convenience and delivery is forcing the industry to respond. Consumers expect better service, faster delivery, and more convenience. The good news is this creates a major opportunity: new research shows that in 2018 alone, food delivery accounted for $45 billion in restaurant sales, and third-party delivery is expected to rise at a rate of 13% annually over the span of the next five years. Fortunately for restaurant owners, innovative technologies are available to help them enter the fiercely competitive food delivery market quickly and easily. Customers can now order online from their smartphones and receive a delivery in minutes thanks to the potential of app-based delivery systems.

Managing delivery can be complex, expensive and a headache for restaurant owners

There are many challenges restaurants face when trying to manage their own delivery service. Facilitating the logistics of a delivery service can consume a huge amount of time and capital. You’ve got to pay drivers’ salaries, cover their insurance, keep track of each delivery person, and more.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative

AppFront has officially partnered with DoorDash to provide restaurant owners with a stress-free delivery solution. Together, AppFront and DoorDash, a technology company passionate about transforming local businesses and offering new ways to work and live, enable restaurants to implement delivery services with a click of a button, quickly scale their operations, and meet huge demand even during peak hours.

AppFront’s software offers cutting-edge digital technology solutions to help restaurants deliver the ease and convenience that customers expect. Our game-changing and easy-to-use platform enables restaurants to analyze customer behavior while providing the tools to increase engagement and awareness of their brand through online channels. Our solutions connect business data from POS systems, social networks, ordering websites and more. We also integrate everything into a single data center. Moreover, Appfront even includes a CRM platform to support global multi-unit restaurant chains. And now -- you can add delivery to the mix.

How AppFront partnering with DoorDash changes the game

How does it work? Once a customer places an order, AppFront sends it directly to the restaurant and triggers a courier, making sure the order will be ready just in time for pick up. The app’s mobile ordering feature offers the best experience by letting customers order and pay with the press of a button. In addition, the platform allows customers to order for the same day or up to a week in advance. The moment the order is ready, DoorDash completes the delivery process by picking up the order at a scheduled time and delivering it to the customer.

A Driver On-Demand - "Why hire if we can just trigger them"

A few of our champion customers include Farrelli’s Pizza from Seattle, WA, and Novecento from Miami, FL. Both restaurants have partnered with Toast POS.

"We are really excited about the DoorDash Drive integration with our AppFront loyalty and online ordering app.  DoorDash Drive provides us with a delivery solution that allows our guests to stay on our online ordering channel.  Because of that they also continue to earn points and even have the ability to redeem rewards for their delivery orders, adding value to their online experience.  From an operations standpoint, we are able to control delivery costs by sharing the cost of delivery with the guest.  Additionally, since the service is integrated directly with our online ordering platform, all Drive orders are injected directly into our point of sales system.  So there is no more need for an employee of ours to input orders generated from a  third party delivery tablet.".

- Clayton Krueger, CMO, Farrelli's Pizza

Over the years, we can expect all restaurants -- from the biggest chains to the smallest mom-and-pop shops --  to embrace the opportunities of food-based delivery apps. With AppFront and DoorDash, your restaurant can be a part of this future. Interested in learning more? Get in touch with us, we look forward to continuing the conversation.

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