Ordering Food Made Easy: Appfront Joins Forces with ‘Order with Google’

Our latest update will enable users to accept orders directly through Google Search and Maps.

December 22, 2021

We're excited to announce a new integration with Order with Google. This integration will enable customers already searching for food on Google to find, order, and reorder food from your business profile in just a few clicks.

If we've learned anything over the past nearly year and a half, it's that third-party restaurant delivery has grown significantly and that trend is only increasing. In fact, 53% of adults say that ordering takeout or food delivery is essential to the way they live. But what you may not realize is that 63% of consumers would rather order directly from the restaurant.

To meet the needs of consumers, Appfront is announcing a new integration with Order with Google allowing businesses to easily accept pickup or delivery orders directly through Google Search and Maps. Now, customers can use their saved Google payment information to order seamlessly with zero friction.

And the setup is a breeze. Our integration with Order with Google enables us to match your merchant account with a business profile, automatically adding an "order online" button and your menu to your Google My Business profile so you can receive orders through Google. If you don't have a free business profile you can set one up here.

Customers who search for your restaurant by name, the type of food you serve, or using keywords, such as "best sushi near me," can order pickup or delivery directly through Order with Google. All your patrons have to do is tap the “order online” buttons on your business profile on Google Search and Maps. From there your restaurant's menu appears, and they can place their orders and checkout directly on Google.

You’ll also be able to engage consumers on Google by extending your business offerings, such as spicing up your menu with awesome deals and combos to help your customers taste the different varieties of food and drink your restaurant serves. 

Appfront Menu Sync is crafted to match restaurant-specific dishes to create a great online experience. Your menu will be pulled from your POS, reassembled to fit the best layout, and automatically pushed directly to Google Search and Maps. By syncing your online menu with Google, any changes, including prices, item details, descriptions, images, and modifiers, will be updated automatically. Best of all, there are no subscription fees and no hidden fees whatsoever, just transaction fees. 

Order with Google increases visibility on the Google platform, boosts traffic to your website, and most importantly allows you to reclaim your customers from third-party delivery services. And your customers will thank you for it. Discover how to unlock the power of orders on Google today.

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