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Appfront Partners with Valutec to Provide Branded Physical Gift Cards

September 10, 2020

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Valutec to provide all Appfront’s customers with branded physical gift cards. Yeah, the kind that goes into your wallet :)

Customers are now able to get a physical card and link it to their online profile and vise versa. 

And what’s really cool is that those physical cards are directly synced to your digital platform (online ordering, loyalty, points etc.)

Customers can buy physical and digital gift cards for themselves or friends and family members. 

As many of our customers have requested this feature we have decided to listen even though it's not at the core of our digital vision. This is the reason we have decided to partner with another company to provide the physical aspect of our loyalty solution.

As Appfront focuses on digital-first solutions we always try to make things touchless and seamless. But some things just feel better when you touch them :)

We know loyalty and we have it vertically integrated into the online ordering process and into our marketing platform. Everything will work the same, points bank, cashbacks tiers and everything else your customers are used to, while they keep collecting their rewards while using the physical card as well.

To be eligible for a physical card please see the following prerequisites:

  • 1,000–card minimum
  • Flat monthly fee or per–transaction pricing
  • Merchandising materials ordered separately
  • All fees priced individually
  • Card production in 15 business days

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