How to Solve your Staffing Issues with Appfront’s Technology Stack

“Sales are up, staff is down”

June 15, 2021

Everything is opening, and your dine-in customers are going to come gushing back into your restaurant. Low on staff? We will help handle the demand.

It’s June 15th!

Hopefully, you will be fully booked for the whole summer, but there is that small issue of finding waiters and workers to meet demand. “Sales are up, staff is down” is the vibe everywhere.

So how can you solve this conflict and even improve the dine-in experience in your restaurant? Today Appfront is launching a package of the best digital dine-in experience features for any restaurant or restaurant chain.

See Pay @Table full movie >

Depending on your restaurant’s essence, choose the best solution for your brand:

  1. Full Service - Order @Table (or “Table ordering”)
    With table-specific QR codes, your guests can scan at their table and directly open the dine-in menu with an order for their table number. Your ordering guests can get all of the menu details from the online menu, and from their phone, send an already paid order marked with their table number. Thus freeing up your servers to serve and accommodate your other guests. Keeping it seamless and simple, stock and inventory changes are automatically updated directly from your POS, reducing the number of “Sorry we are out of what you just ordered…” back and forth. Complete with up-sales, loyalty, gifts and reorders, your diners will be free to order when and as much as they want while they sit at your restaurant.
  2. Full Service - Pay @Table (or “Scan, Share, Split, Pay”)
    If the ordering experience is your chance to personally connect and interact with your customers, the Pay @Table option is best for you. The ordering process will not change, customers will be able to order in person. And after their meal, when they are ready to leave and want their check, instead of trying to get the server’s attention by signing an imaginary check in the air, they will be able to quickly pay with their saved payment info from their phone. For tables of friends who want to split the check, one customer can share the check by sending a simple clickable link through any channel (airdrop, text message, Whatsapp, etc..), directing the others at the table to the same live check. Each person at the table can pick their items from the check and pay their part and tip. Payment becomes a server-free task, no back and forth, no waiting, no splitting payment hassle on the POS, just fun, viral, and freeing up the table quickly for your next guests.
  1. Quick Service (QSR) - Scan & Pay
    No tables? No problem, give your customers the option to pay for their in-store order with their saved app payment details and of course, transform these  guests to loyal members.


Want to enable any of these features, please reach out to for more information. All of these features will become available on the Appfront portal in the coming days.

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