I AM HERE: The Revolutionary Real-Time Alert for Customer Arrival.

Directly from their mobile apps, your customers can let you know when they have arrived.

February 17, 2021

Appfront’s new functionality will be able to inform the restaurant of customer arrivals through a branded native mobile app. Eliminating the need for phone calls with just a simple click, the “I’m Here!” button will save time and money.

How does it work exactly ?

This new feature sends real-time arrival alerts to your kitchen display system (KDS) and/or sends a ticket to print in your restaurant with the customer information  to enhance the customer experience, saving time, money and increasing customer expectations!

Receive alert of customer arrival and be able to drop a customer's order to them the moment they arrive. 

Reduce wasted meals: Improve food freshness by firing orders and/or menu items around a customer's expected arrival time. An example of a web order flow with the SMS check-in:

  1. Customer places an order online or through your mobile app
  2. The customer provides an arrival status through the “I’m Here!” button
  3. Your in-store team gets alerts through the POS app and walks out the to-go order to the guest
  4. They're off, and you have an ecstatic customer!

We ARE HERE! - in case you have any questions and want to learn more about Appfront's "I'm here" feature or anything else!

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