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UpSells A.I., an automatic upsell mechanism that will auto-suggest to your guests the one (or more) thing that they really want

July 28, 2022

UpSells A.I. - an automatic upsell mechanism that will automatically suggest to your guests the one (or more) thing they really want just before checking out and placing their order.

Think about the best member of your wait staff. You know, the one who intuitively knows which sides go best with the guest’s entree, which drinks are the most popular, which appetizers to order two of, the server whose dessert sales triple anyone else’s  — basically, the one who always manages to upsell successfully.

And let’s face it, that opportunity to upsell on every order is what’s been missing from online ordering, on- and especially off-premises. While it would be great to have a hologram of that amazing member of your team pop up every time someone clicks on your restaurant to order dinner, technology isn’t quite there yet.

But there is a technology that can virtually upsell on every online order, and it’s just as personalized and curated as an in-person recommendation.

Meet our latest product: UpSells A.I., an automatic upsell mechanism that will automatically suggest to your guests the one (or more) thing they really want just before checking out and placing their order.

The UpSells A.I. is an automatic process, built on a proprietary algorithm that pushes suggestive selling to your customers on any transaction as they’re making their order. It does this automatically and more importantly, personally. It’s all based on preferences, purchase history, and similar customers' purchase behaviors. The algorithm learns and becomes more precise with every transaction made in the system.

If guests at your multiunit burger concept often order a double milkshake to go with their cheeseburger, UpSells A.I. will recommend the shake to your guest. If garlic knots are popular with guests who also order mozzarella sticks at your pizza restaurant, UpSells A.I. will deliver the garlicky goods.

And let’s say your guests often add cheese fries to your best-selling sandwich — and your AOV increases by 15% when that happens.

The more data we have, the more transactions, the better results from the algorithm.

UpSells A.I. FAQs

Features / Benefits:

  • Increase sales
  • Increase avg. ticket
  • Replace the server in dine-in mode by using the QR code

Which service model is this best for? (full, quick, fast-casual, fine, etc):

  • All, since the module is running on online ordering (web or mobile app)

What requirements need to be in place for this work?

  • Basically nothing! Just use Appfront online ordering. UpSells A.I. is built in, and can work with any POS and can be enabled in just one second

If you want to increase the values of your online orders in a clever, curated way that feels more like a friendly recommendation and less like an aggressive sales pitch, then UpSells A.I. is for you.

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