Increasing Customer Sign-ups Online: A Recipe for Success

Capturing customers’ data using an omnichannel approach: a tried and true strategy restaurant owners can adopt to drive success

July 3, 2023

In the rapidly evolving food industry of today, driving online sign-ups has emerged as a game-changer for restaurant businesses. The competition is fierce, with restaurants fighting for customers against competitors, market leaders, and third-party delivery companies.

One of the key battles revolves around owning and controlling customer data, which has become a critical aspect of the industry. Asking yourself -why are sign-ups so critical? By encouraging customers to sign up online, restaurants can tap into a wealth of benefits. Firstly, online sign-ups allow restaurants to gather valuable customer data and really know their customers with access to demographic such as age, order history, and preferences. This data can be leveraged for targeted marketing campaigns, enabling restaurants to reach the right audience with personalized offers and promotions. Furthermore, a targeted approach not only increases the chances of attracting new customers but also enhances retention by providing tailored experiences that resonate with consumer preferences.

To reap the benefits of customer sign-ups, restaurants must find a way to generate them. First and foremost, business owners must decide what they wish to offer upon sign-up. From free menu items to cash back, points, or discounts on customers' first orders, an attractive offer will create a sense of value and prompt immediate action. Upon choosing an attractive promotion (or two), the next step is to decide which customer touch points to deploy. Incorporating special offers at checkout or providing incentives on the next purchase can ensure promotions immediately impact sign-ups. Another approach business owners can take is to highlight the benefits of signing up through pop-ups or prompts when customers visit the online ordering platform. 

Multi-channel marketing is another crucial element to consider to drive customer sign-ups. By incorporating social media platforms and email marketing, restaurants can enhance their brand awareness, attract potential customers, and establish effective communication with their target audience. Social media acts as a catalyst for retargeting through email and text messages by providing valuable data and targeting options to marketers. One of the primary methods of retargeting is pixel-based retargeting: when someone visits a website, a pixel (a small piece of JavaScript code), is placed on their browser and tracks their behavior. This enables retargeting platforms to serve specific ads to them based on their browsing history. In addition, social media platforms also enable list-based retargeting. This method involves uploading a list of emails to a retargeting campaign and matching the addresses with accounts to deliver targeted ads or messages directly to those users via email or SMS. 

The integration of social media with retargeting strategies provides several advantages. Firstly, social media platforms have a vast user base, allowing marketers to reach a wide audience. Secondly, these platforms offer powerful targeting options based on user demographics, interests, and behaviors. This granular targeting capability enhances the effectiveness of campaigns, ensuring that content is delivered to the most relevant audience. Furthermore, restaurant owners can reinforce their brand message, remind potential customers of menu items they have shown interest in, and encourage them to revisit a location or place an online order. A multi-channel approach that combines social, email, and text messages, creates a consistent and personalized customer experience, increasing the chances of overall sign-ups. Among its competitors, Appfront stands out as the only product in the industry that seamlessly integrates with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and Google Tag Manager. Best of all, it imports contacts from existing customer databases with ease. 

With regards to driving online sign-ups, what it comes down to is a numbers game. Business owners should view the customer sign-up process as an online funnel. Tracking the number of sign-ups, conversion rates to first-time visitors, and repeat customers provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of the overall strategy. This data allows for continuous improvement and optimization. Appfront is a powerful flywheel engagement platform that serves as the ultimate restaurant engagement solution. It integrates seamlessly with leading POS brands, providing a complete digital restaurant platform. Moreover, it empowers restaurants to implement various strategies to increase sign-ups and customer engagement. Key features include sign-up bonuses, drip campaigns, and targeted marketing initiatives. By utilizing the platform's analytics and ROI measurement capabilities, restaurants can track the performance of marketing campaigns and optimize their strategies accordingly.

With Appfront’s omnichannel solution, there are infinite options and ways to capture customers’ data:

  1. A sign-up pop-up appears whenever a customer starts a new order
  2. An automatic opt-in checkbox is included at checkout to ensure customers who place an order are immediately converted into members
  3. The presence of a branded mobile app in the Apple and Android App stores provides increased exposure to customers 
  4. Branded landing pages are an optimal channel to capture customer data from social media and advertisements. 
  5. In-Store QR codes make scanning and signing up at checkout quick and easy 

Ready to increase online sign-ups and start capturing valuable customer data today? Discover how Appfront can help. 

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