Leveraging your Restaurant Demographics to Drive Increased Sales

September 27, 2023

When it comes to marketing in the modern business world, having a solid understanding of your customer base is critical. By making the most of consumer data, restaurant owners can gain valuable insights into buyer behavior and drive revenue growth.

Running a restaurant requires keeping up to date with restaurant industry trends, by doing so, business owners can predict performance, identify areas for growth, and develop effective strategies to stay ahead of the competition. And in today’s climate, it has never been more imperative for restaurant owners to have a deep understanding of their customer demographics. The data and insights behind consumer demographics lay the groundwork for customized marketing touchpoints along with honing in on purchasing behaviors to strengthen revenue. 

Restaurant demographics: what are they?

Restaurant owners use demographic data to understand the traits of guests who make purchases either digitally or in-store. Demographics reveal key information about the target audience. Often segmenting customers according to age, preferred location, gender, menu preferences, annual spending, coupon redemptions, frequency of visits, and more. By leveraging data-driven insights, marketers can effectively segment their communication strategies to increase their overall return on investment (ROI) significantly. This approach allows them to precisely target specific audiences with tailored messaging that is more likely to resonate with them. As a result, marketers can achieve higher engagement rates, increased customer loyalty, and ultimately, higher revenue.

Undoubtedly, having a profound comprehension of demographics, either on a market scale or within specific locations, can significantly aid restaurants in effectively directing their menu changes, marketing campaigns, and more. According to the Senior VP of strategy and consumer insights at Arby's: “Obviously we want every person in America to eat at Arby’s more often, but part of designing your target and who you want to talk to is about making some choices, and you’re going to prioritize some people over others, all consumers are important, so we certainly don’t want to come up with something so polarizing that it would alienate certain groups, but that doesn’t really come up.”

Leveraging demographics to maximize business potential

In order to effectively market your restaurant, it's crucial to identify your target demographic from the start. One effective way to gain a deeper understanding of your audience is by implementing a loyalty program. This will allow you to track customer spending and purchase behaviors, as well as gather important information like their age, email, phone number, and birthday. To engage with specific, high-value customer demographics, restaurants can offer VIP clubs, SMS marketing, push notifications, personalized newsletters, and more. Business owners can also leverage CRM tools such as Appfront to engage with patrons and encourage them to return for more visits. 

In today's data-rich business environment, segmentation is a crucial aspect of any successful marketing campaign. Appfront helps you better understand your customers, segment, and optimize communications. Discover how to learn all about consumer behavior and turn data into revenue today. 

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