Ensuring Safety and Convenience: How to Enable 'No Contact' Delivery on Your Online Ordering Platform

February 13, 2020

At Appfront, we know that these days, it's critical for business owners to convey that they can accommodate delivery needs while keeping consumers safe and protected. With that in mind, we created a “no contact” delivery option on our platform.

The coronavirus is here — and unfortunately it looks like it’s here to stay. No one knows when things will be back to normal, but we all need to adapt and understand that things are going to be different for a while. The hospitality industry is probably one of the ecosystems that will be most affected by the pandemic due to the hardships that lockdowns will inevitebly bring.

Many states have already announced “take out” and “delivery” only policies. The rest of the country is probably not too far behind. While this doesn’t necessarily mean business owners should sit back and do nothing, what it does mean is that we need to think outside the box in order to best serve our customers while maintaining health and safety standards.

The key aspect to surviving this period is to shift your business to online-only — meaning 100% of orders will be placed online!  This is the time to start thinking like an online business. Marketing should focus on online advertisements (since fewer people are outside) and reminding customers that you are open for pickups and deliveries and keeping heath a top priority.

In other words, the time has come to start building your online community. Having the right toolbox for communicating with customers is they key to building your digital community and keeping them updated and rewarded.

Along with our third-party delivery partners (Doordash & Postmates), Appfront can support any locations that wish to expand their delivery coverage — and to do so safely. During this period of uncertainty, we will continue to introduce even more ways to help businesses better engage with customers online. By building a community that will help you overcome in this time of flux, restaurants can maintain the protection and safety of workers and customers while thriving economically.

Ready to transform your restaurant's online ordering experience and build community in times of uncertainty? Discover how Appfront can revolutionize your business and drive revenue growth. Take the first step towards success and schedule a demo today!

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