Let Your Customers Know When Their Order is Ready

Order Process Visibility for the Win!

September 7, 2020

Here at Appfront we believe that the more a customer is involved in the preparation process of their order, the more likely he or she will be satisfied with the overall ordering experience.

Today we are launching a new, useful feature for our customers - Notify When Order Ready!

This feature helps you streamline the order process by letting customers know when their food (or drink) is ready for pickup (or curbside pickup), saving both you and them precious time and reducing frustration.

We know this feature has been requested by many of you, so we are super excited to let you know that we have added it! 

Here at Appfront, we believe that the more the customer is involved in the preparation process of their order, the more likely he or she will be satisfied with the overall ordering experience.

Once an employee marks the order as "ready" in their kitchen display terminal - the customer will get a notification in real time to let them know the order is ready! The notification will be sent as a text message and a push notification (for customers who have signed up on their native apps). 

We are launching this feature with selected Kitchen Display Systems, but if you don't use KDS or would like to control the notifications from Appfront’s back office, it can also work from your standard POS menu.

‍This pickup notification is in addition to our 3rd party Doordash & Postmates delivery tracking functionality.

We will continue to add more functionalities to perfect customer order visibility - so stay tuned for more!

To read up on how to enable this feature, and more relevant information, please read Appfront’s Knowledge Base.

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