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Every Pizzeria Needs Appfront

May 20, 2020

Ever since the first pizza was made way back in 1889 by baker Raffaele Esposito from Naples, making and selling pizza has never been an easy task. From street vendors to big chains, selling pizzas, fast and tasty, is a challenging art form.

Hot ovens, demanding customers, and complicated deliveries are part of the reason.

If “Why is my pizza still not here?! I ordered it 20 minutes ago?!” sounds familiar, then you know what we mean. Today, in the digital era, we believe that a good pizzaiolo needs to concentrate on making amazing pizzas, and technology companies should take care of the rest.

Here are the top reasons why every pizzeria needs Appfront in its arsenal:

  1. Blazing Fast ⚡️  - Pizza is all about speed! As it is one of the most impulse purchases we know of in the food industry, speed is one of the most important ingredients in a good pizza. The ordering process should be super-fast, both in terms of the preparation time and the delivery itself. If one of these parameters falls short (or falls slow for that matter), the final product suffers. This is the main reasons that our emphasizes speed when it comes to online ordering. We won’t go through all the ins-and-outs of the technologies we use to make it happen, but the bottom line is that our customers' online ordering experience speaks for itself: When we ran this website through Google’s PageSpeed test page, the results were top notch:

  1. Built in Rewards 👑  - Reward your regulars, they deserve it. Using our loyalty platform anyone can build a customized loyalty program. Our Loyalty and Rewards system helps business owners keep track of  top customers and the ones that might have fallen through the cracks, using targeted rewards, coupons and deals directly to their mobile phone via push notifications, text messages or emails. This reminds customers of your business when they're considering ordering their next pizza, at a family event or when the game is on. Appfront’s robust loyalty program is fully integrated within the ordering process. Points, cashback, visits, money-spent tracking, and a tier-based programs are just some of the tools available in our arsenal that make rewards simple.

  1. One-Click Order, Domino’s Pizza Style - Learn from the big players! The best example for frictionless ordering in the pizza industry is Domino’s Pizza. At Appfront, we strive to provide the most sleek and frictionless experience for our customers, and we learn from the best. Your customers will enjoy a one-click-pizza order from your app or online ordering website, without the need to re-enter their information and/or re-order the same pizza over and over again. Less friction = more orders!

One-Click Order
  1. Built for Pizzerias! Simple, Easy & Customizable - The ordering process is made simple, straightforward and easy, in order to create an experience that will guide the customer and help them make quick decisions quickly using a clear interface and user flow. Appfront's methods speed up the ordering process, which removes friction, unnecessary clicks and actions that delay the order. For example, choosing toppings is easy and clear, as you can see here:

  1. Menu Auto Sync - Our sync algorithms can change any POS menu structure to be the most user-friendly ordering experience. So if the menu on your POS has size choices and each size contains all of the signature pizza styles, we can flip it around to show a beautiful assortment of pizzas on the main menu page.

  1. A Real-time Pizza Tracker 🛵 - Customers will get up-to-the-second location data for their upcoming delivery when you connect your pizzeria with one of our third-party delivery integrators such as DoorDash or Postmates. This real-time tracking system reduces calls and inquiries to your storefront, enabling you to decrease your staffing costs and most importantly, concentrate on making great pizzas.
Integrated Real Time Pizza Tracker

7. AI Upsell Engines - Increasing your revenue and bottom line is one of our main goals. Our data-driven AI engines know who customers are and what they are most likely to order alongside their current cart. We offer them additional products, adding up to a few extra bucks for each bill, which at the end of the month can amount to substantial sums.

8. Automation - We use automation in almost every critical process, but most importantly, Appfront is fully synced to your POS’s menu, removing the hassle of updating each small change throughout all of your data sources. This way, every change made is reflected directly on your online ordering website and up immediately. Missing mushrooms? Just mark them as out of stock on your POS and it will be unavailable on your online ordering site immediately. We make sure everything works seamlessly.

Hey, fun fact - while you were reading this post, more than 100,000 pizzas were consumed in the US, as only about 350 pizzas are being consumed every second.

Here at Appfront, we're “processing” 27,631 pizzas every month, so we know what it takes to make it happen. Now, after reading all the way here, should we order pizza ?! Ready to take your pizzeria to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about Appfront!

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