The Digital Dining Revolution: How Restaurants Are Winning Customers Online

October 19, 2023

Almost 7 out of 10 American adults make dining decisions based on a restaurant's website. And when it comes to takeout or delivery, around 43% of people rely on the restaurant's website to help them decide.

In today's fast-paced digital age, restaurants transitioning to online platforms are positioning themselves for long-term success. An online presence is crucial for the restaurant industry and a high-quality one. Research shows that 77% of diners visit a restaurant's website before dining or ordering out. Unfortunately, almost 70% of potential customers of that group are discouraged from visiting the restaurant due to its digital presence. Therefore, having a well-designed website is essential to attracting customers and boosting business. 

Becoming a digital restaurant can be a game-changer, offering numerous benefits for restaurant owners and customers. In this article, we will explore why making this move is more likely to succeed.

1. Enhanced Visibility: A digital presence greatly enhances restaurants’ visibility and communication with their community. It provides an ideal platform to set the brand narrative of and differentiate from competitors. A business’s digital presence extends beyond just a website to all touch points where consumers interact with the brand online. This includes social media, online reviews, online ordering websites, mobile apps, and more. 

To make the best impression on consumers, it's essential to bolster all aspects of the brand online. Going digital makes it possible to reach a wider audience beyond one physical location, increasing your visibility and attracting potential customers. Online presence is like a virtual storefront that is open 24/7. With the help of the right digital marketing strategies, business owners can engage with a larger audience and build personal connections with them. 

2. Convenience for Customers: According to recent studies, 55% of consumers now find takeout and delivery services to be essential. Online ordering and delivery services have been introduced to cater to modern-day customers' need for convenience. By utilizing a restaurant's online ordering system, customers can quickly and conveniently order their dishes with just a few clicks. The food can then be delivered promptly and efficiently right to their doorstep. Moreover, restaurants can elevate the overall customer experience by providing a multitude of payment options, such as digital wallets, to ensure a hassle-free and seamless transaction process. 

3. Data-driven Decision-making: Digital platforms offer valuable data insights, and restaurant data plays a critical role in creating value for both customers and owners. When choosing where to dine, booking reservations, placing orders, or paying the check, customers rely on data. Meanwhile, business owners utilize data to manage operations, determine where to open new branches, optimize inventory, drive upsells and so much more. By leveraging Appfront’s data analytics tools, restaurants can capture data to better understand, segment, and optimize communication with customers. 

4. Marketing Opportunities: Restaurants benefit greatly from utilizing various digital marketing techniques to improve their online visibility, foster meaningful interactions with their target audience, and establish a strong brand identity. By employing effective email marketing campaigns, creating SEO-optimized blog posts, and tapping into other online marketing channels, restaurants can effectively attract new customers while also retaining the loyalty of existing ones. With Appfront, restaurants are able to develop smart, targeted, and segmented communications with their customer base digitally: SMS programs, push notifications, emails, upselling campaigns, interactive messages, and a whole lot more.

In conclusion, the shift towards becoming a digital restaurant is a necessity. The benefits are clear - from wider reach to improved customer experience, data-driven insights, and adaptability in challenging times. By embracing the digital age, restaurants can flourish online, offering customers a seamless dining experience and positioning themselves for long-term success. Ready to get started? Discover how to create online ordering for your restaurant with Appfront today. 

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