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November 17, 2022

It's already been tested and approved as successful by market leaders, so why are you waiting for? Launched by Panera Bread, whose Unlimited Sip Club entitles the guest to unlimited beverages for $10.99 a month, and Taco Bell, whose limited-run Taco Lover’s Pass offered a taco a day for $10.

Everyone loves a great deal. Be it coffee to-go from a favorite breakfast spot or a discounted meal, everyone loves feeling like they scored a brag-worthy, Tweet-worthy deal.

That’s the idea behind the subscription services recently launched by Panera Bread, whose Unlimited Sip Club entitles the guest to unlimited beverages for $10.99 a month, and Taco Bell, whose limited-run Taco Lover’s Pass offered a taco a day for $10. The services were so popular, Panera boasted an initial sign-up of 800,000 new users.

Panera's Sip Club

What these subscription services really offer brands is a guaranteed sale, increased app downloads, guest loyalty, and chance to get guests in the door — and once they’re there, ordering more. In fact, Taco Bell’s subscribers visited the chain three times more often than non-subscribers, and during nearly half those visits, guests purchased additional items. So where guests saw a great deal, Taco Bell saw increased tickets.

But you don’t need to have the budget of an enterprise brand to launch a subscription program. With Appfront’s integrated subscription feature, you can get guests on board with a familiar subscription model immediately. That means increased visits, additional purchases, and higher lifetime value.

A guest is more likely to get lemonade from Panera since it’s “free” — and add a salad or sandwich while they’re at it. Subscription services are a brilliant way to ensure that guests choose you over a competitor —and gives you a chance to upsell them.

Introducing - Subscribed!

What you’ll really like? Appfront’s subscription program is completely customizable — and can be implemented immediately. So maybe you’re a coffee brand that wants to lure customers away from the mega-chain down the block. Or perhaps you’re a burger brand that wants to offer a discount subscription to guests.

Maybe you’re a sandwich concept that wants to run a breakfast subscription and a lunch subscription at the same time. Or you’re a virtual brand looking to increase tickets with a free delivery subscription.

From coupons to point-blank offers, perks and discounts, or any combination of programs, it’s all possible and implementable immediately. You can even include subscribers in a separate segment for targeted marketing.

And the customers are ready for it. According to the National Restaurant Association, 57% of adults said they would join a subscription program from their favorite restaurant if offered. Drilling down further, 8 out of 10 Millennials and Gen Z adults said they would sign up.

So take a page from the billion-dollar brands — without spending the same — and get your guests in the door with Appfront Subscriptions.

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