Unleash A New Delivery Method with Appfront’s Local Drop

Case study with Shouk’s founder Ran Nussbacher

August 3, 2020

Appfront Local Drop is a great solution for restaurants to overcome the current unique situation during this pandemic. Customers don’t need to visit the stores physically while allowing restaurants discovering and servicing new "virtual" locations.

“Appfron’t ability to quickly enable our Hood Drop program was a game changer. It allowed us to not only operate, but to thrive during this pandemic”, says Ran Nussbacher, CEO and Founder of Shouk, a DC-based Israeli Modern Food restaurant chain.

Shouk's Local Drop branded as Hood Drop

But before we dive into Ran’s story, let's first understand what Local Drop is. Local Drop is a delivery method, developed by Appfront which was designed specifically for long distance, high volume orders.

It’s like catering, but for your entire neighborhood!

Going back to Ran’s story, “Having just lost all of our customers due to the shelter at home order, we had to find a new way to reach them. So we decided, if they can’t come to us, we’ll go to them.”, says Nussbacher. “With our Hood Drop program, we visit different neighborhoods across our region on a set schedule, and invite our customers to pre-order to their hood. Then they meet us at the designated time and place - typically a short walk or drive from their home - for their meal”.

You can see Ran’s post announcing upcoming HoodDrops in Washington:

Scheduling and Announcing Hood Drop Using Social Media

We could not achieve this with Uber Eats or DoorDash who often don't go far enough to reach our restaurant's core customers who are now stuck working at home in the suburbs due to stay-at-home order.

“Our Hood Drop program worked so well that we quickly grew to over 20 locations each week”, says Ran, “We plan to continue this program well after the pandemic is behind us”.

“We are grateful to Appfront’s swift response and support of us in launching this new capability practically overnight in a great time of need.”

Appfront CEO - Ori Weisler summarizes:

We’ve developed Appfront Local Drop to give our customers more ways to deliver their great food! Now directly to their customers' neighborhoods, in an efficient way.

This is a great solution for restaurants to overcome the current unique situation during this pandemic. Customers don’t need to visit the stores physically, and for the restaurants, it's discovering and servicing new locations, without the heavy-lifting and financial burden of a new physical location

Looking to extend your delivery reach ? Here’s what you need to know to create your own Local Drop

  • Decide what new areas would you like to deliver to
  • Create new Local Drop on Appfron’t back-office
  • Segment your customers based on their location and your Local Drop areas
  • Run marketing campaigns email, text, and mobile notifications to let your customers know about the new service, using Appfront’s Marketing engine.
  • Engage your customers on social networks, letting them know you Local Drop schedules.

Let us know if you wish to add a Local Drop delivery method to your online ordering experience, we will be very happy to assist you!

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