It's time to cut the cord for phone call ordering

May 17, 2021

You must be feeling the pain as well, employees unable or unwilling to go back to work, and you are left understaffed as work is picking up slowly.

Even if you are lucky enough to find one, employee costs are on the rise.

Every time one of your store employees picks up the phone - you lose money. They have less attention to your physical store customers and the lack of phone call efficiency, creating friction and confusion that makes matters even worse. It is time to cut your phone cord and move your customers ordering to 100% online.

"We stopped taking phone call orders and moved everyone to order online through our app or web so every order is now paid ahead, and we can reach the customer in the future with deals, making them into regular customers with our app and loyalty programs, otherwise not possible if they ordered using the phone ," says Bill Mayer, an owner of a Thai restaurant based in Michigan, recently canceling all phone orders. “We couldn’t be happier with the change, having less stress and headache from mistakes that kept arising with phone ordering” he adds.

At Appfront we believe ordering should be delightful, frictionless and scalable, that's why we put all our focus on a seamless ordering experience. 

With our integrated loyalty to the online ordering process, we already know from existing restaurants who have made the bold move of canceling phone call ordering and moving to online only that customers who use online ordering are 30% more inclined to become returning and regular customers.

And on top of that, overall customer satisfaction is rising, costs of labor are declining and customer loyalty is rising.

It's time to make the move. What about you?

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