The Top Reasons Why Your Restaurant Needs a Branded Mobile App Right Now

From neglected to noteworthy: how restaurants can regain brand awareness

July 15, 2020

As restaurant owners struggle to adjust to Covid-19, digital presence is now more crucial than ever for business. Customers no longer pass by their favorite restaurants while going from home to work and back.

They don’t see you and they don’t see your brand. And on a long-term basis, your brand and their awareness (aka - brand awareness) are being eroded. As customers shift to online ordering, it is no longer enough to appear on a third-party online ordering platform or a cookie-cutter designed online ordering system.

Here at Appfront we believe that you must delight your customers in their online experience, just as you would have delighted them when they visited your restaurant physically. An average person picks up his or her phone 58 times a day, spending roughly 3 hours and 15 minutes per day looking at their phone - and this is on a working day. Nowadays with people staying at home this figure may double. And restaurant owners need to be there when it happens. Part of the online experience Appfront’s platform provides is a branded mobile app with a tailor-made design for each and every brand. This way, when a customer who has your app installed picks up their phone, they immediately become aware of your brand - which may lead them to make an order.

With Appfront, your branded mobile app will provide a seamless customer journey  via native mobile apps on Android & iPhone, including rewards updates with push notifications, ordering ahead, redeeming points, and curb-side/contactless delivery. Using our CRM, loyalty programs and point systems will  drive even more orders to  restaurant online, while allowing customers to order physically with a QR code.

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