Enhancing Security with the Points Accumulation Fraud Prevention Tool

Skyrocketing levels of fraud, enabled by the accelerated adoption of digital commerce and the ever-increasing sophistication of scammers, have overwhelmed traditional controls in recent years. Unfortunately, employees are sometimes part of restaurant fraud, which can have significant financial implications for owners.

Are you concerned about employees engaging in repeated fraudulent transactions or customers misusing points? Combating restaurant fraud isn't easy, we hear you. But with our latest feature, ‘Points Accumulation Fraud Prevention’, businesses can place restrictions on illicit point accrual.

In situations where our system identifies an employee accumulating points multiple times within a single day, it may indicate that they are linking guest transactions to their personal account to fraudulently accumulate points. We have received numerous customer complaints regarding this specific type of illicit behavior and have decided to take action.

How does it work? Starting today, Appfront users can now restrict point accruals based on various criteria, including time intervals, visits, platforms (web or in-store), and customer groups exempt from the limit (ie: enthusiasts who visit multiple times a day). Additionally, the system allows business owners to set the limit amount for points/dollar accumulation as well. 

Meet our Comprehensive Fraud Prevention Suite Let's take a closer look at some of our existing features offered to safeguard against suspicious activities:

  1. Block customers by address: This solution allows businesses to prevent transactions originating from specific addresses associated with fraudulent activities. Learn more about this functionality.
  2. Block customer profiles by phone number/email: Businesses can block specific phone numbers and email addresses linked to fraudulent transactions, ensuring repeat offenders are deterred.
  3. Join the Fraud Prevention Network: Every time a restaurant reports fraud, customers will be able to share the case and help protect other restaurants.
  4. Utilize Stripe Radar: We’ve partnered with Stripe, a leading online payment platform, to provide businesses with a tool to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions. With Radar, businesses can help reduce chargebacks by up to 40%. Radar works by aggregating checkout flow data, rich payments data, card network information, and bank data to assess fraud risk comprehensively. 

Needless to say, the Points Accumulation Prevention tool is a powerful addition to our suite of anti-fraud innovations. And with enhanced security measures in place, business owners can rest assured they’re effectively safeguarding operations.

At Appfront, we’re committed to providing solutions that help restaurant owners thrive in an increasingly digital world. Ready to proactively address escalating threats and adopt a comprehensive fraud strategy? Discover Appfront today.

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