Scan, Dine, and Shine: How QR Codes Elevate the Customer Experince

October 12, 2023

QR codes are a versatile and valuable tool for restaurants seeking to enhance customer loyalty, provide points-based rewards, and engage patrons in opt-in programs. They streamline processes and offer a convenient and contactless way for diners to interact with their favorite restaurants. 

The use of technology in the restaurant industry has gained in popularity as it helps to streamline operations while ensuring customer satisfaction. QR codes are a prime example of this, revolutionizing restaurant operations and providing several benefits for both diners and business owners. In fact, studies indicate that 87% of consumers believe that embracing new technology is essential for a business’s longevity, and while QR codes can help alleviate staffing challenges, they also enhance the overall customer experience.

The use of QR codes for restaurants:

When it comes to dine-in ordering at restaurants, typically, customers will find a QR code on their table, along with simple instructions on how to use it to place an order and pay. By using their smartphone, customers can pull up the menu and place their orders directly, making the whole process more efficient and convenient.

Here’s how restaurants can use QR codes to enhance the customer experience, scale operations, allow patrons to scan for points, and opt-in for exciting loyalty perks:

Loyalty Programs: Customers can enhance their dining experience by taking advantage of personalized offers and special promotions through QR code scanning. These offers could include earning points, receiving discounts, or even getting free items. Signing up for rewards and promotional campaigns is easy with just a single click, and restaurants can promote these programs on table tents or menus to encourage customers to join. These programs incentivize repeat visits and help create a more enjoyable dining experience.

Customer Touchpoints: With Appfront, you can easily track every payment and transaction made by your customers. You have the option to choose from any of our dining packages, including Scan & Pay, Order@Table and Pay@Table. Every transaction made will allow customers to provide their name, email, and phone number, enabling them to receive loyalty perks while enabling you to follow up with them via email, text messages, or push notifications. This way, you can keep them informed about your restaurant's news and updates, special events, and even conduct surveys. By doing so, you can easily increase customer engagement and encourage a more interactive relationship between you and your customers.

The Bottom Line: QR codes enable customers to access menus, place orders, and pay their bills directly from their smartphones. This expedites checkout, reducing wait times and minimizes the need for physical menus, manual payment processing, and streamlining operations. Moreover, diners can independently order and pay for their meals, reducing the need for constant interaction with waitstaff. This allows staff to focus on providing better customer service and creating a more efficient and enjoyable experience. In addition, QR codes can be used to upsell additional items or offer special promotions to diners while they browse the digital menu. This results in larger check sizes as customers are more likely to explore and order additional items they might have yet to consider. The digital format allows for easy promotion of add-ons, specials, and upgrades, boosting restaurant revenue

Appfront's Dine In package provides a complete end-to-end solution that caters to all kinds of restaurants. It offers a variety of setup methods and ordering flows, making it a versatile choice for any establishment. Discover Appfront for your business today.

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