The Top 10 New Features Appfront Unveiled in 2023

January 5, 2024

The restaurant industry underwent a significant transformation in 2023, and we were excited to be a part of it. At Appfront, we designed last year's features in a way that allowed restaurants to offer customized experiences to their customers, catering menus, and promotions to their preferences.

In 2023, Appfront brought a revolutionary change in the restaurant industry with innovative features designed to enhance the overall dining experience and streamline restaurant operations. Our solutions helped restaurants to optimize their processes and provide a seamless and engaging customer journey. Let’s dive into a few of our favorites: 

1. Landing Pages for Restaurants: Appfront introduced customizable landing pages, empowering restaurants to create an online presence that reflects their brand identity and engages customers effectively. This feature helped redefine restaurant marketing by providing a seamless and data-driven approach to engaging customers across channels. Restaurants were able to capture valuable customer data, create targeted marketing strategies, and build a loyal customer base.

2. A/B Split Testing Campaigns: A/B testing became a transformative tool for Appfront customers seeking to enhance their marketing campaigns and interactions. By utilizing this method, restaurants could tailor their strategies, optimize customer experiences, and drive business growth. By staying ahead of industry trends and changing customer preferences, Appfront enabled restaurant owners to stand out, increase their market share, and experiment with different promotional approaches to ensure they invest in the most effective marketing tactics.

3. Interactive Menus with Rich Visuals: Restaurants were empowered to showcase their menu items. Appfront’s interactive menus included multiple images per menu item, providing diners with a visually enticing preview of what to expect from their favorite eateries.

4. Branded Domains Across Platforms: Appfront extended its restaurant support by offering branded domains for newsletters, apps, and websites. This comprehensive solution was perfect for customers seeking to establish and strengthen their online brand presence. From aligning brand names to providing a one-stop shop for customers, this feature demonstrated the ideal strategic investment in the digital success of restaurants.

5. RFM Customer Grouping Models: Leveraging advanced data analytics, Appfront introduced RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary) customer grouping models. This allows restaurants to tailor marketing efforts based on customer behavior, enhancing personalization and increasing customer loyalty.

6. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS): Appfront integrated MMS capabilities into its platform, enabling restaurants to communicate with customers through rich multimedia content. This feature added a dynamic and engaging element to promotional efforts.

7. Fraud Prevention Suite: Appfront launched numerous features to safeguard business operations. Customers were able to block transactions originating from specific addresses that have been associated with fraudulent activities in the past or block customer profiles that are linked to fraudulent transactions by phone number or email. Additionally, the Fraud Prevention Network was established to report fraud cases and help protect other businesses. Lastly, Stripe Radar, our fraud detection and prevention tool developed in partnership with Stripe, helped businesses reduce chargebacks by up to 40% by analyzing various data points such as checkout flow data, rich payments data, card network information, and bank data to comprehensively assess fraud risk.

8. Appfront Websites: This game-changing feature elevated how our restaurants interact with their customers - by providing a single central site that links to all online platforms. The benefits of one leading site that links to all the restaurant's online assets were undeniable. It helps simplify digital operations, boost sales through immediate ordering, helps tell the brand's story, and prevents traffic loss. In today's competitive restaurant landscape, staying digitally savvy is a must, and having one leading site was one of the keys to success.

9. Customer Journeys: Drip campaigns play a crucial role in enhancing restaurant digital marketing efforts. They contribute to customer engagement, repeat business, and sales growth. Our new automated email, SMS/MMS, and push campaigns, helped restaurants stay connected with their customers by delivering targeted offers and maintaining communication over time. In fact, studies show a 20% increase in sales opportunities through the use of drip campaigns, making them an essential strategy for driving revenue in the restaurant industry. 

10. Email Editor: Our email platform was upgraded to offer our customers new and unique advantages. With an intuitive design and smooth functionality, it now takes less time for restaurants to create and send emails. Targeted emails were sent to specific customers or locations to increase engagement and conversions. Embedding coupons and promos became a seamless process by connecting the ordering platform, which helped close the loop between emails and sales. Finally, business owners strengthened customer loyalty by automating emails based on their behavior and purchases, ensuring personalized content.

The restaurant industry underwent a significant transformation in 2023, and we were excited to be a part of it. Nowadays, restaurants are utilizing digital platforms to improve customer experiences, enhance marketing efforts, and streamline operations. At Appfront, we designed our features in a way that allows restaurants to offer customized experiences to their customers, catering menus and promotions to their preferences. We also harnessed the power of data to enable targeted marketing campaigns, helping restaurants to reach a broader audience and attract more traffic to their websites. All of these innovations collectively redefine how restaurants operate in the digital landscape, emphasizing personalized experiences, effective marketing strategies, and operational efficiency.

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